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The greater the choice, the greater the effort - or: 1000 and one combinations possible

But first to the beginning of the story…

A look into the year 2014: Somewhat unhappily tied to the bed with an Achilles tendon tear and tormented by light boredom, everything started harmlessly with the purchase of a pilot's watch.

A short time later I (born in 1974, living in Much, near Cologne) was then "unfortunately" already infected by the watch virus and now I was also increasingly thinking about how I could give the same watch  with different combinations of leather and thread colors a fresh and totally new touch of look.

A classic and a common fate of a freshly converted "watch freak": -the outbreak of the strap- changing fever-
...but after I had to realize in the fourth order of a manufacturing strap, that I had received a very different shade of leathercolor as in the order pictured  and at the same time the idea of a 1000 and one individual combination system always took a  more and more concrete shape,  it started overnight with the first self- and handmade attempts... 

Mainly still firmly based on mechanical engineering, I am pleased to have competed with greenpilot-watchstraps two and a half years later (since 2016) and now to all watch enthusiasts, watch freaks, change seekers or "normal" watch owners to be able to pass on this infinite combination system - with the guarantee that exactly the leather strap with the hue arrives at the customer, which he has configured individually here in the shop. Each step is completely handmade and thus each strap is ultimately a small one-of-a-kind art, which, together with the specific requirements of the client, gets its own unique character. 

For it I have compiled the most common and classic models, cuts and thread patterns on the watchstrap and manufacture market to ensure full selection and customization.
Also in addition from time to time it is worthwhile taking a look at my "New" section: there is always something new to combine and choose from.
Myself - as the name Greenpilot perhaps already reveals- I am a big fan of bronze (pilot) watches combined with various green-/olive coloured straps - but I think and hope that here on my homepage for every colour and texture preference as well as for every watch type and every watch brand is something appropriate. 

In this sense: the greater the choice, the greater the effort...

...and if once the decision is not so easy, I am happy to help with my experience from many many strap-watch combinations.

Christian Ahrend


Here are some impressions:

Twelve times the same watch, but different straps: