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Sample Order


With Greenpilot-watchstraps, there is now the possibility to request sample orders:

Since there are always understandably requests as to exactly how light ratio a leather or thread color works in, we offer to send appropriate samples as a basis for making a decision on request if you are interested. 

All leathers and threads are photographed outside in daylight and after color matching and control as a reference in the shop with images inserted and placed.
As usual in such cases - and unfortunately not changeable - the color temperature can be slightly different in reality, and above all the individual display and calibration of the various monitors and displays can have (minimal) distorting effects.

Of course, these sample requirements are only a service on request and not a condition for a strap order. Furthermore, we ask for your understanding that we can not offer this service completely free of charge.

Please simply send an email to:


A sample order costs a flat-rate for shipping (> within Germany) and deployment: 
And in addition:
-Per leather sample/canvas sample: A strip in size about 2x5cm: €2 each 
-Per thread sample: One piece in length about 10cm: €1 each 

For logistical reasons, the leather samples can only be shipped untreated, i.e. pure. So only without (!) various used look or vintage treatments, but just as the straps are shown also in the solid line, for example.

The cost of a sample order is not deductible to a strap order in retrospect. 
For all prices: 
No VAT-indication since being small entrepreneur compliant to § 19 UStG.