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All Solid-Line Leather Colours

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Please to message me the leather colour you want for your strap simply use the (german) names of the leather below of each leathers will get exactely this leather then


 green Leather:

Leather vintage grün
Leather schwarz-grün genarbt
Leather maigrün
Leather dunkelgrün british racing
Leather graphit-grün
Leather patina grün
Leather brasilgrün
Leather military style grün
Leather key-lime grün
Leather farngrün
Leather petrol


  olive & olive-brown Leather:

Leather oliv-grün
Leather dunkel braun-oliv
Leather dunkel oliv-ocker
Leather grau-oliv


  blue Leather:

Leather black-blue denim
Leather perlrochen blau (embossed)
Leather schieferblau
Leather marine blau
Leather saphir blau
Leather nachtblau
Leather Wasserbüffel dunkelblau


  red Leather:

Leather dark red
Leather dark crimson
Leather burgund
Leather bordeaux
Leather purpur
Leather weinrot
Leather orange rost
Leather burnt red
Leather rot-braun


  yellow Leather:

Leather gold-gelb genarbt
Leather dark broom PullUp
Leather golden tan
Leather senfgelb
Leather sonnengelb


  brown Leather:

Leather ocker genarbt
Leather copper-brown NOS
Leather sandstein (matt or glossy)
Leather dunkel braun-oliv
Leather dunkel oliv-ocker
Leather natur sand PullUp
Leather Bernstein cognac PullUp
Leather cognac bicolor
Leather dunkelbraun PullUp
Leather dunkelbraun darkchoc
Leather sattler braun
Leather Wasserbüffel dunkelbraun
Leather Wasserbüffel hellbraun
Leather Büffelleder cinnamon-mocha
Leather Büffelleder tabak
Leather taupe bicolor heavy PullUp
Leather Büffelleder almond marbled
Leather dunkelbraun genarbt
Leather rot-braun
Leather plain vanilla
Leather dark whiskey


  gray  Leather:

Leather off-white
Leather aschgrau
Leather graphitgrau
Leather Wasserbüffel grau
Leather graphitgrün


  black Leather:

Leather black stripes
Leather matt soft schwarz
Leather schwarz genarbt seidenmatt
Leather Wasserbüffel schwarz
Leather schwarz genarbt matt